For a very long time, I wanted to learn 3D animation and create my own short animated films. It was a dream of mine. So for years I tried to learn different 3d animation software packages such as Hash Animation Master, Maya, and others. I spent a considerable amount of time trying to learn the software, but I would lose interest within a couple of months. Something just didn’t feel right. Then, one day, I stumbled upon a free open source animation software called Blender. This software was amazing! Not only was it completely free, but somehow using this software just felt very natural. It felt less technical and more creative. That’s what I loved about it! But I made myself a promise that I would stay committed to learning Blender. So after a few months, I had gone the farthest I had ever gone before with 3D animation, and was finally ready to create my first short animation.

I am a big Godzilla fan, so I wanted my first animation to be of the king of the monsters. My version of Godzilla goes back to the classic Godzilla design, adding my own cartoonish style to it.

Below also is a progression of building the Godzilla character model. I modeled, textured and rigged the model completely in Blender. I started with a sketch that used as a template for the model. I drew the below two images on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and imported them into Blender and began the modeling process.

Below are screenshots of the modeling process in Blender.

After finishing the modeling process, I began giving Godzilla color and texture. Even though Godzilla was never green in any of the classic films, I wanted my version of Godzilla to have a scaly green texture. And here are a couple of renders of the model after I textured it.

After spending a couple of months modeling, texturing and rigging my Godzilla model, it was finally time for animation. I decided to first create a simple walk cycle for the big guy. I wanted a more lumbering Godzilla, struggling as he walks because of his immense size and weight.

After finally finishing the model and creating a couple of simple animations, I decided to give Godzilla his classic atomic breath. I spent the next couple of weeks learning, experimenting and eventually figured out how to do it.

I really loved creating the Godzilla model and animation. It was a wonderful experience that paved the way for more animations to come, including my original character, Father Gabriel!

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